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A new level of service
Our goal is to provide each client with personalized attention while building a pool that best fits their overall architecture, landscape, and taste. Our best designs emerge from just sitting back and listening to our clients and being able to capture the vision that they have for their backyard and choose the right pool that best meets their needs.
By " Building Quality -One Pool at a Time", our clients see the difference in our high standard of quality and workmanship that over 40 years of combined experience in the pool industry provides.
As a pool builder in Hampton Roads, we install various shapes and sizes of Vinyl Liner pools from your traditional rectangle shape to a unique freeform Lagoon style pool that you can truly call your own.
Our "Trilogy" Fiberglass pools offer the most unique style and options of any fiberglass line today. Our “Fusion” line allows the homeowner to blend various features with the main area of the pool to give a true look of a concrete pool.
Have a look in our gallery to see if there is a pool that may fit in your back yard.
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We created our "Courtyard pool" series for the homeowner that has a small space or a smaller backyard, but is still wanting that outdoor living experience with a pool and/or water feature. We build our courtyard pools with the same quality construction and use the same high performance / low energy pool equipment as our larger pools.
We have designed three shapes to fit any backyard design. So, if you are looking for a small pool to relax in, or looking for a water feature that you can use as a pool, we will be glad to design a "Courtyard pool" that fits in your back yard.
Extraordinary Customer Service
Like many other consumers we did not know were to start when pool shopping. I talked with many co-workers with pools installed and narrowed our search to four pool construction companies. I am a very detailed oriented and demanding when it comes to our home, so I was very selective when selecting Blue Water Pools. Taylor applies NO PRESSURE, when it comes to designing and visioning your backyard paradise. He was prompt for scheduled appointments and if Taylor were behind schedule he would call to inform me. He possesses the patients required for this type of business, my wife and I had a total of five meetings with Taylor to ensure our pool was exactly what we visioned. Taylor has state of art software, which designs you backyard for you so you can see the layout. We changed pool designs at least five times, each time Taylor exhausting his time to make us feel comfortable with our changes.
Once the design phase was completed, Chris and Taylor will layout and measure the pool according to specifications and then Chris oversees the construction phase. Chris and his crew work fast (weather pending), I was amazed how fast the dig and panels were completed. Chris has a fantastic crew that has been with them for years, not just construction guys looking for work, but crews that know how to build pools. Chris was prompt in returning my phone calls during the construction phase, I had a lot of "What's this". He always took the time to explain the process. Throughout the construction phase until the concrete is completed Chris would send their pool technician (Buddy) to the house to ensure the water was maintained properly. BOTTOM LINE: Taylor and Chris provide the service every homeowner is looking for. The price they quote you as "Standard" the other pool companies consider it an "Upgrade". You will not find a better quality product with the price that beats any competitor in the pool business. I encourage any smart consumer to shop the competition, but when you're done you will be saying, "LOOK NO FURTHER THAN BLUE WATER POOLS."
Tony Barber
Demanding Customer
I interviewed 5 or 6 different pool construction companies before deciding to go with BWP. I narrowed down who I would interview by searching the Better Business Bureau and cold calling those that I felt were reputable based on the BBB's data. Without exception, BWP struck me as professional, responsive and courteous right off the bat. My calls were always returned on the same day (a rarity in the pool business) and Taylor (the co-owner) was in my home briefing me within two days time at the time I requested. Taylor's friendly demeanor was impressive. No pushy sales tactics or "today only" prices were ever discussed. Ultimately I asked Taylor to do a side by side comparison of his closest competitor's offering to show me why his offer was the best value. Not only was BWP's product of a higher quality, it was also less costly. Taylor went well above and beyond what the normal pool contractor would have done by helping me get an easement moved in order to get the building permit for the pool. His intimate knowledge of the processes and his established relationships with the various professionals in the community proved invaluable.
The actual pool contract was very straight forward and easy to understand. Chris (the other co-owner) led the construction and installation phases. Chris was always available to answer questions and addressed all of my very demanding construction requirements. Chris was also very hands on and always present with the crew that performs the construction and installation activities for BWP. My installation was not without challenge and set backs as in most major construction projects. The difficulties were dealt with directly and effectively to my satisfaction. My pool was completed on time and I have had no problems with it since its completion a year ago. In the end, I'm very satisfied with BWP and have already recommended them to a couple of family friends who have also used BWP. Save yourself the headache and research effort and go with the best pool company in Hampton Roads. Go with Blue Water Pools!
Chuck Campbell
Dear Chris,
"Right from the start, I was impressed with your approach. Because of our meetings with other companies, my wife and I had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for in a pool. You sat and listened to our wants and then did an interesting thing, you didn’t try to sell anything. You just told us straight up that what we wanted was exactly the type of pool you would build.
"No excuses. No playing hide and seek. Not once did you dodge my phone calls, and not once did you ever not do what you said you would."
Thank you for a great experience,
Mike Zalewski
Young’s Upholstery
Blue Water Pools,
My family and I would like to say thank you very much for the professional installation of our in-ground pool. The quality of the pumps, filter system and controls far exceed any of our neighbor’s pools installed by other pool companies from the local area. You maintained and were ahead of the schedule that we originally agreed upon, which was pretty difficult because at the same time we were also adding a room addition. Anytime that we have a question or needed advice, your friendly staff has always been there to help.
Thanks Again,
Mr. & Mrs. John Gilbert
Dear Chris and Taylor,
We would like to thank you for the great job you did on our pool and all the help you gave us from our very first meeting. With this being our first in-ground pool, you made us very comfortable with your quick responses to our questions and concerns throughout the whole process. From helping us out from the design of what wanted to going through each option that was available you made things so much easier for us. We are very excited about using our pool for fun and entertainment and enjoying it for years to come.
Thanks Again,
Bobby & Ellen Mann
Taylor and Chris,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a great job putting in our pool. Our experience with Blue Water Pools was characterized by professional, common sense and reliable customer service and we are thrilled with the end result. From the beginning stages, planning, picking the right pool size for our back yard and building the pool, you were extremely professional as well as your crew. You provided us with superb advice about every aspect of the pool, correct lighting, steps, edging and concrete surface. You were extremely helpful and patient with us as first time pool owners.
When we had a problem, you were responsive in returning our phone calls and more than happy to help us. We would absolutely without a doubt recommend Blue Water Pools and we would do it all over again.
Pat & Shelley Smith
Taylor and Chris,
Thanks for the continued support for our pool installed last February. My experience with Blue Water Pools has been nothing but outstanding from the first consultation through project completion. I found your staff to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful from start to finish. Blue Water Pools responded quickly to every question I had and Taylor and Chris where at my home quickly on the few occasions where I could not resolve a maintenance or operational issue myself regarding the equipment operation.
The quality work, first class products, and outstanding customer support make Blue Water Pools a company I would recommend for anyone considering taking the plunge with an in-ground pool.
Richard S. Scheels
Maintenance Tips (1/3)
Backwashing the D.E. Filter is performed to clean the filter and old DE powder and to add new DE powder to protect the filter. This action need to be performed when the pressure in the filter rises 10 psi above its starting point. This usually places the pressure above 22 psi. You will notice that the pool is not flowing as normal, the pump not operating at full capacity, or by checking the pressure gauge on top of the filter.
  1. Shut the pump and pool off and roll out the backwash hose.
  2. Push the handle on the backwash valve down and turn to backwash slot.
  3. Turn the pump back on and run for about15 to 20 seconds.
  4. Turn the pump off again and turn the valve back to filter slot.
  5. Turn the pump back on.
  6. In most cases, this will be enough for the backwash. However, if the hourglass is still very dirty – you may need to repeat the backwash process again.
  7. Repeat the process up to 3 times or until you notice clean water running through clear sight glass.
  8. Once this process is complete, turn valve to filter and let the system run.
  9. When you have the system operating normally again, add 4 LBS of new DE powder directly into the skimmer. If you had to backwash the system twice, add 6 LBS of new DE powder.
  10. The pressure should drop to its normal psi. Normal is between 10-20.
Important Tips:
  1. Whenever you backwash, DE must be added back in.
  2. DE is what does the filtering, without it damage can occur to the filter
  3. Do not use the backwash mode to drain water from pool.
  4. The filter will have to be taken apart and cleaned periodically. If the pressure starts coming back up shortly after backwashing, it is time to take the filter apart and clean the filter by hose.
Automatic Cleaner
  1. Turn off pump and take out the automatic cleaner and cleaner hose – do not detach the hose from the cleaner.
  2. Take the opposite end of the hose and attach it to the cleaner return jet.
  3. Stretch out the hose in the pool to allow the cleaner to start away from the jet.
  4. Once the cleaner has done its job, you can remove the cleaner form the pool.
  5. Turn off pump before trying to remove the cleaner hose from the jet.
Draining Water from thePool:
To drain water from the pool, turn the pump off and unroll the backwash hose. Set the backwash valve in the waste position and turn the pump on. The water will drain quickly, so keep an eye on the water level. When the water reaches the proper level, turn the pump off and change backwash valve back to filter position.
Manual Cleaning
  1. Take out Vacuum Hose, Vacuum Head, Skim Vac Head, and Pole
  2. Stretch out Vacuum Hose from one skimmer to one of the return jets and attach the vacuum head to the pole.
  3. Attach the vacuum head to the swivel end of the vacuum hose and place the vacuum head in the water with the pole attached.
  4. At this time, take the other end of the vacuum hose and place over the return so that the hose will start to fill with the water that is returning to the pool.
  5. You should see bubbles coming up from the vacuum head and the vacuum head should start to sink to bottom, once the bubbles stop, you now have enough pressure in the hose to start the vacuum.
  6. Take the end of the hose off of the return and attach the skim vac head on the end and place it in the skimmer. Be careful not to let too much air get into the hose when taking the hose out of the pool and placing it in the skimmer.
  7. You should start to see the pressure in the vacuum that will be needed for the vacuum.
  8. Start to vacuum the pool using long strokes and make sure to cover the entire area of the bottom and slopes.
  9. If you see that pressure is building up in the filter during this time, you can backwash the filter. (Use the same steps as you would when you normally backwash the pool – cut of pool, backwash filter, then turn the pump on again.) You may see that the suction in the skimmer ahs gone away, then just place the skim vac head in the skimmer again, and continue to complete the vacuum. This is rare with a small pool.
  10. Once you have completed the vacuum, backwash the pool, remove the skim vac head and hose.
  11. After the vacuum, remember to add D.E. Filter powder to the skimmer and add 3 bags of shock to help get rid of any algae.
Safety Tips
Safety First
No matter which way you choose to use the word safety, Blue Water Pools wants to make sure that SAFETY is more than a word. It should be a way of life, especially around your backyard pool. And despite some beliefs, safety is not just for kids, SAFETY is for EVERYBODY in and around the pool.
Kids are invited to check out Sunny’s Safety Patrol and other great pool information at SplashZoneUSA.com, because pools are for kids, too!
NOTE: The following information serves as a starter guide/checklist designed to help promote and support safety awareness and education in and around residential swimming pool areas. This information is not intended to be used as exclusive reference for consumers (and others) to ensure that proper safety installation, operation, measures and equipment have been met.
Here are several safety tips to get you started:
Adult Supervision is key.
No matter what your age or skill level, increase your pool safety and enjoyment by ensuring there’s always at least one non-swimming adult present for supervision. A whistle for the adult may meet some resistance and may even sound corny, but it sure comes in handy when you need to alert and get everyone’s attention promptly.
Make sure that the fence style you choose meets the specifications set by the city in which you live. Fence structures shall be a minimum of 48” with self closing hinges.
Types: Chain link, wooden, ornamental, etc.
Automatic or Manual Safety Covers:
Non-penetrating cover that completely covers pool, blocking access to pool water.
Types: Meets ASTM F13-46 standard
Alarm triggers loud sound to warn parent or guardian.
Types: Door Exit/Home Security; Fence Gate; Pool; Child
Rope and Float Line:
Placed across the pool to alert swimmers of the separation of the deep end from the shallow end of the pool.
Life Ring, Shepherd’s Crook (Hook):
These devices are used to pull someone from the pool to safety. All rescue equipment should be placed near the pool in a clearly marked and readily accessible spot. Periodically check and keep all safety equipment in good condition.
Emergency Information and Safety Kit:
A first aid kit is always a good idea to keep in a safe and convenient location. Periodically check to make sure the kit is well stocked with all the essentials. Most importantly, remember to post all CPR, emergency (911 or other) contact information and warning signs in a visible spot near the pool. You and your family may even perform regular pool safety drills to remind everyone what to do/where to go in the event of emergency.
Outside Telephone:
A cordless phone is convenient and a good idea especially if you need to call for help or information quickly and without leaving the pool area.
When Diving from a Diving Board, please remember that most diving accidents occur from activities other than diving. Front flips, Back Flips, and Jumping to sides could result in injury. There should be NO DIVING from side walls if water is less that 8’ deep.
Toys, Games, Floats, etc.:
They provide countless hours of fun and enjoyment for everyone. Make sure that all devices are safe and age appropriate for each individual. Never leave any toys, games, etc. in or around the pool. Put them away for security and for safety.
Cleaners, Chemicals and Maintenance:
All cleaning and maintenance supplies should be kept in a locked storage area, away from children and pets. Always check supply labels for proper storage requirements and expiration dates.
Meet the Owners
"Our goal is to provide excellence in all that we do for our customers. Our pools are constructed with the best equipment in the industry. Our personal service gives the homeowner comfort during the construction process."
Chris Freeman  has over 28 years experience in the pool industry. After graduation from Virginia Tech, Chris started a pool service company in which he sold 5 years later. He then began his career in management for W.W. Adcock, a local pool distributor. In 2001, Chris bought Crystal Clear Pools and Spas, where his company specializes in pool equipment repairs, and liner changes. Chris schedules, manages, and services all of Blue Water Pool projects.
Taylor Grissom  has over 22 years in construction management, and 5 years in the pool industry. He has been involved on many road construction projects throughout Hampton Roads. He serves on The Board of Directors of Monarch Bank, and is involved in various community projects. Taylor is responsible for the business operations and sales of the company.
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